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for international use, must be stamped & certified Heat treated for export.

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Specialty Crate Factory ippc/ISPM-15 Certification Stamp

A properly stamped, certified international shipping crate ready for export overseas.


Certified Export blocking/Dunnage

All solid wood used for dunnage and blocking inside an export crate must be properly stamped and certified heat treated for use in international shipping.


Custom export crates ISPM-15 certified

Wooden crates stamped and certified ISPM-15 compliant for international use.


Frequently asked questions:

Stamped, Certified ISPM-15 Compliant for Export?

What is it?

The short version is that ISPM-15 is part of a treaty, enforced by customs in most countries, to help protect their ecosystems by keeping pest organisms (bugs, etc.) from hitching a ride into other countries that they don't belong in. So wood packaging materials have to be certified either heat treated (HT) or fumigated before they can be used for export. Wood export crates must have the “bug stamp”.

Want to know even more?

(In Summary)

IPPC stands for International Plant Protection Convention (It is a treaty)

The IPPC sets the ISPM’s, or International Standards of Phytosanitary Measures. ISPM-15 is just one of those standards.

ISPM-15 applies directly to us as a producer, and YOU, a consumer

of wood packaging materials (or WPM) ie: International Wooden Crates, Skids, Pallets, Blocking/Dunnage, and any other solid wood packaging that is used for export.

ISPM-15 REQUIRES that all wood packaging materials (WPM) MUST be certified to be free of "hitch hiker" pest organisms which could be harmful to other countries' eco-systems, where they don’t belong. (for example: tree eating beetles, etc.) 

So as a protective measure, all solid wood packaging materials need to be heat treated or fumigated, then the assembled crates and pallets stamped and certified as compliant with ISPM-15, before they can be used for export.

Can I build a crate/pallet with kiln-dried, heat treated lumber from the store? It has a KD-HT stamp on it!

No. The final assembled product has to have a valid IPPC stamp from a certified, regularly inspected, producer of wood packaging materials. (Like us).

Do they really HAVE to have the stamp?

It's enforced at the border. Ours and the country you’re shipping to.
Inspectors actively check wood crates, pallets, and dunnage to make sure that it is properly certified and stamped before leaving or entering member countries. If non-compliant wood packaging materials are found, the shipment could be impounded and quarantined until it is compliant. (That could involve costly re-packaging of the shipment in new crates or treating and certification by a qualified 3rd party).

all of our wood products can be

certified for international use

International Shipping Crates

Custom skids and pallets

Reusable crates

Trade show display crates


All must be heat treated, IPPC stamped and certified ISPM-15 compliant for export use.