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Producing strong, well-built Custom wood Crates that you can rely on

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Custom Shipping Crates | Industrial Crating

Large or small, one or a hundred.

Built right.

Our industrial crate is heavy duty and is always screw assembled so they perform all the way to the destination. Select this page to see why.

Custom Trade Show Crates |

Re-usable Crates

Heavy Duty, re-usable custom wood shipping crate for trade shows or a long lasting industrial crate for multiple uses or round trips.

Take a look at our many photo examples of actual customers’ crating.

custom Pallets | Custom Skids

Heavy duty, non-standard, wooden pallets and wood skids for any sized job. Domestic or certified for international shipping, (ISPM-15 compliant).

If it looks like a grocery store pallet, we don’t build it. If it’s heavy duty, big or special, we can certainly help you!


Export Certified wood Crates & Skids

Stamped and certified heat treated export crates and skids. ISPM-15 Compliant for Export.

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A Well-built wood crate just looks Better


armored and well presented

Our main mission is producing a strong crate or skid that will see your product, unharmed, through the rigors of the shipping process. Of course.

But, just as important to us, is making a good presentation.

Crates are packaging

and like any packaging, our wooden shipping crates make a first impression.


Make a strong impression.

Neat, clean, built right and strong.

The appearance of our wood shipping crates compliment the quality and value of the product that you have entrusted inside.

for wood packaging that is Built Right


About us:


Quality wood

Skilled crate assembly

Screws vs. Nails (Strong)

Smart crate designs