Artwork. A Painting by Red Skelton of himself packed in a wooden artwork crate.
Wood Shipping Crates
for artwork

Custom packing of:


Re-usable trade show crate with double doors and a ramp
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Specialty Crate Factory is a manufacturer of wooden shipping crates and custom skids, export certified or domestic. We have a well equipped facility, a knowledgeable staff, and the know-how to produce shipping crates that you can rely on

Our products are all well designed and strong.

Made from quality construction grade 
materials and fasteners.

Assembled correctly by skilled personel. 

Last but not least, our crates ALWAYS look good. ALWAYS.

We are conveniently located near Chicago, Illinois in the USA, and we sell our products to customers from coast to coast. 

Other services we offer are 
Custom packaging 
Freight shipping
On-site crating services

Specialty Crate Factory has been a supplier of quality wood shipping crates and custom skids since 1991

So, whether you require heavy duty industrial wooden shipping crates, re-usable trade show quality shipping crates, small wood shipping crates, large machine shipping crates, or custom built heavy duty skids, Specialty Crate can build you anything to fit your individual shipping and packaging requirements.
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ISPM-15 Certified Export Crates - CLICK HERE
Flatbed truck with crates ready to ship.
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'Heat Treating' has information related to our ISPM-15 certified heat treated export shipping crates and skids program.

See our 'Photo Gallery' for some examples of our products and capabilities.

For information about LTL shipping, freight forwarding, on-site services, and custom packaging services visit our  'Shipping' Page. 
-Motorcycle Shipping Crates

-Storage Crates

-Machinery Packaging/ Crates and Skids

-Wood Bins & Utility Crates

-Custom Specialty Wooden Crates

- Crating for Fine Art and       Sculptures 
Specialty Wood Skids
Wooden Crates Backround
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Manufacturer of wooden shipping crates and custom skids
LTL -Less than truckload
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Big Flat Heavy Duty Crate
Custom knock down a-frame crates.
Sturdy Wooden Boxes with Rope Handles
Motor cycle on wooden skid, ready for crating
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(708) 756-2100 
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Utility Crate Bins
Trade show & reusable crates
Heavy Duty Custom Crates and Pallets
Large or small. 
ALL Very Strong
Customize with your color and logo
Heavy Duty Well Built Crate - Because it gets pretty rough out there. Specialty Crate Factory
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