Warehousing. Are you running out of space? We can store your crates and trade show booth materials in our warehouse, saving your own valuable space for what you really need it for.

Shipping/Receiving. We can ship and receive your shipments using your carrier or ours.

Repairs. Trade show crate received some damage shipping to/from the last show? Specialty Crate Factory can evaluate, and repair or replace your crates between shows to insure that your assets are always well protected and ready for the next show.

In short, Specialty Crate Factory can save you space, keep your valuable assets safe, your crates ready and in top condition, and handle the shipping/receiving for you. Easy.
Large Heavy Duty trade show display crate with a ramp
Trade Show Crate with gussets and a loading ramp
Reusable trade show quality shipping crate With Hinged doors, locks and corner gussets.
Reusable trade show crate with a hinged door
Reusable Wooden Trade show Crate to carry a display to trade shows. The steel pallet was supplied by Specialty Crate Factory
Trade show crate with divided compartments and fixtures for holding cylinders
Trade show crate hinges
Reusable trade show shipping crate pulls
Crate Hardware
- Custom Interior Designs
- Cradles and Blocks
Specialty crate Factory supplied the heavy duty steel pallet that this pump display is bolted to. We can accomplish almost any requirement you may have.
Really Special Requirements?
Maybe we can help.
- Hinged doors
- Locking Hardware
- Corner gussets
Reusable trade show crate with loading ramp, hinged door and locking hardware
- Add a ramp to your crate for easy loading and unloading
Wood shipping crate with dividers and carpet lined interior.
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- Carpet Lining
- Interior Dividers
This reusable crate features a custom interior designed to hold cylinders in place during shipping. There is another hinged door on the opposite side of the crate with the same design for storing more cylinders.

Let us design something practical for you.
Crate Interior Options
- Interior Foam Lining
- Foam Blocking & Padding
-Shock Absorbing Skid Mates
1/8" Steel Corners
If you don't see it here, that does not mean it can't be done.

Let us know your special requirements. Contact Us
Trade show crates are highly customizable and often have special features like hinged doors and lids, locks, latches, pulls for handling and security. Re-usable trade show crates are also high quality and designed to be more durable to withstand the wear and tear of performing multiple round trips.
Trade show crate with gussets
Trade show crate with steel re-inforced corners
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