Custom Shipping Fixture
Services Available:

Less-than-truckload LTL - Freight shipping

Truckload freight shipping

Local pickup of large freight items via our truck

Custom Wood Shipping Crates and wooden Skids

Custom designed protective interior packing
Freight Shipping

We offer competitive rates for all domestic freight using a variety of reputable carriers.  

Custom Protective Packing

We provide expert, full service packing, custom crating,  and other protective packaging solutions for just about any large freight.

We can provide custom designed packaging using a variety of packaging materials to protect your fragile or other valuable items when you want the best chance for your goods arriving at their destination undamaged.

Foam padding and soft interior blocking
Carpet lining
Shelves and dividers
Bubble wrap and boxing

We make it easy for you.

Just bring in your item to be shipped and we can handle the rest for you. Or we can even pick it up for you.

Local Pickup

We can do local pickups and transport your freight to our facility for crating, palletizing, and shipment via our freight carriers (or pick up via your carrier). See below for details.
Pick-up and On Site Services

PICKUP ANYWHERE - Residential or commercial.

We can arrange the shipment of your large freight from anywhere in the United States to just about anywhere else.

is available via our truck or one of our reputable freight carriers.

Inside pickup is also available.

We can provide soft packaging for transport of fragile or sensitive items to our facility for final packaging in a custom crate or skid/pallet.
Packing Service Boxes
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Crating, skids, and other custom wood
We can pick it up, Pack it, Crate it, Ship it.  Easy.
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Manufacturer of wooden shipping crates and custom skids
Crate with
Custom protective packaging and blocking
using foam, carpet,
divided interiors, etc.
Expert Packing