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Just some of the different types of wood crates that we produce.
Wood Knock-Down Crates (Click Here).

Stackable. Compact. Saves Freight.

Knock down crates save space and assemble in minutes. Great for shipping many crates to a seperate location for packing and assembly.
Knock Down Crates
Re-Usable Crates and Trade Show Crates (Click Here).
Re-usable crates are great for packing trade show displays, and shipping equipment round trip for rebuilding/refurbishing. Re-usable crates can have hardware like hinges, clasps, locks, or even shock absorption systems to protect delicate items or sensitive electronics.
Custom Heavy Duty Wood Skids and Special Pallets (Click Here)

Specialty Crate Factory produces custom, heavy duty, wood skids and wooden pallet systems for machinery,
conveyors, or anything else that requires a solid shipping platform with fork lift and pallet jack access.

Some of our customers use skids which are designed very specifically to support their unique product. We can do it!

Re-Usable Crates
Specialty Custom Wood Products
Like our name suggests, Specialty Crate Factory is where you would go for a wood shipping crate or fixture that has unique design requirements beyond the capabilities of a common wooden crate or pallet.
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Custom Packaging Services (Click Here)
We offer customized crating and packaging solutions to get your freight to its destination undamaged. Uses might include packaging of conveyor systems, custom motorcycles, appliances, food handling machinery, sensitive electronics, aircraft components, or any item requiring specialized packaging and crating. (Click here for more info)
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Manufacturer of wooden shipping crates and custom skids
HEAVY DUTY - Crates, Skids and Custom Pallets
'Heavy Duty' describes almost everything that we make here at Specialty Crate factory. Click the link above, and see what we mean.
Heavy Duty 4-way Skid by Specialty Crate Factory
Custom Wood Skid by Specialty Crate Factory
Heavy duty 2x12/4x4 pallet by Specialty Crate Factory