Knocked Down Crate Assembled
Knock Down Crate Stacked for Shipping or Storage
Knocked Down Crates (KD Crates)
Knock-Down Shipping Crates are unassembled crates which can be easily assembled and loaded by the customer.

A basic Knocked-Down Crate is a stack of parts laid flat, usually on its own skid. It consists of a skid, four walls, and a lid. Ready to assemble by the customer.

There are many benefits of using knock down shipping crates:

  • Easy loading - Sometimes it is necessary to load the contents of a crate by directly attaching them to the skid and then easily assemble the rest of the crate around it for shipping. Great for bulky or heavy machines.

  • Save Space - The compact size of a knock down shipping crate enables the user to keep these crates in stock to be packed and shipped as they are needed.

  • Lower Freight Costs - When shipping unloaded crates, from our crating facility, several crates can be stacked and shipped knock-down taking up the space of only one assembled crate. This saves truck space as well as freight costs .

Frequently asked questions:

Are knock-down crates cheaper than assembled shipping crates?

Not always. Knock down shipping crates are not always priced lower due to the fact that designing them to assemble or stack easily sometimes requires additional materials or manufacturing steps than an assembled crate does.
Knock Down Crate - Skid, Four Walls, and a Lid. Easily assemble with a few screws.
A Pair of Knock-Down Shipping Crates Ready to Ship
Single Knock-Down Crate
A Compact Knock Down Wood Shipping Crate
Our wooden shipping crates can be shipped to you flat (or knocked down) and then be screw assembled by you in minutes.
Saves freight costs!
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