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Heavy Duty Wood Crate

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Heavy Duty.


You could say it about almost all of our products.
Any Size - From small, heavy duty, custom pallets or small boxes,
to a room-sized, beast of a heavy duty shipping crate....

Know that, with Specialty Crate Factory, your product will be well protected
because our products are VERY well built.

Our precision is evident, in EVERY unit, from the alignment of the components to
the placement of the fasteners.

No worries.
Big wooden crates like these have to be strong, and built right.Large heavy duty industrial shipping crate.Large, heavy duty, carpet lined box for an airplane appendage or control surface.A beautiful machinery crate.  We take pride in our products.A long, strong crate for machineryIndustrial wood crate for heavy bulk feed machinery componentsOur crates always look good. Like these heavy duty wood shipping crates you see stacked here. Heavy duty skids constructed with large timbers and assembled with lag bolts. Really big. Really heavy duty.
Gallery: BIG and HEAVY DUTY
Below, are just a few examples of our larger, heavy duty, industrial crates. (Click the images below to enlarge)
Well built wood shipping crates
Heavy Duty
Industrial strength, wood shipping crates and skids made for getting it there without worries.