ISPM-15 certified export crates by Specialty Crate Factory
Wooden shipping crates that will be used for export must be stamped,
certified and compliant with ISPM-15
Stamped and Certified International Wood Crates and Skids
A stamped and certified "HT" shipping crate or custom skid manufactured by Specialty Crate Factory will help insure that your valuable products get to your international customers undamaged and without costly customs delays.

See our ISPM-15 Certificate of Qualification by clicking here.

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What is ISPM-15?
Why do all wooden shipping crates and skids need to be ISPM-15 compliant or certified for export?

Shipment Stopped at the border?
If you have ever had an overseas shipping crate denied entry into your receiver's country or even stopped by our customs officials because your wood crates or skids were not stamped and certified properly, then you most likely have already had the expensive crash course and know all about this.

If not, please read on

Here is our Summary

The IPPC (Is a treaty)
International Plant Protection Convention

The IPPC is a treaty which sets the ISPM's or International Standards of Phytosanitary Measures

ISPM-15 (is a standard set by the IPPC)

It applies to our industry as a producer of wood packaging materials (Wooden Crates, Skids, Pallets, Blocking/Dunnage) used for export shipping.

In a nutshell, ISPM-15 sets the guidelines which REQUIRE that all wood packaging materials (WPM) such as shipping crates, skids, pallets, dunnage (blocking), that will be used for exporting, MUST be free of "hitch hiker" pest organisms which could be harmful to other countries' eco-systems, where they do not belong. (for example: bugs that eat trees, etc.)

It protects a country's ecosystem from another
country's pest organisms (like tree eating beetles)

So as a protective measure, all solid wood packaging materials need to be heat treated or fumigated, then stamped and certified to be compliant with ISPM-15, to be used for export.

It's enforced at the border

Inspectors actively check wood crates, pallets, and dunnage to make sure that it is properly stamped and certified before leaving or entering their countries.

If uncertified wood packaging materials are found, the shipment could be impounded and quarantined until it is compliant. (That could involve requiring expensive re-packaging of the shipment or certifying by a qualified producer.
Through a strict quality control and audit process (monitored by a 3rd party inspection firm), we are able to apply our unique assigned IPPC stamp, certifying that each wooden crate, or any wood packaging materials, that we produce for export, are fully ISPM-15 compliant as is required.
Certified by
Specialty Crate Factory IPPC Stamp
ISPM-15 Certified Export Crates with IPPC Stamp Applied