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Heavy duty custom wood crate with a recessed lid.
Long Crate on wheeled wooden carts.
Custom CNC Routed Parts
Custom Skid built to our customer's unique requirements.
Trade Show Display Crate Interior
Artwork Crate for UPS Shipping
Corrugated Trade Show Display Crates
Custom Packed Antiques Crate with foam lining

Stacks of ISPM-15 Certified Heat Treated Export Crates
Heat Treated Export Crates Ready to Ship
We produce high quality wood packaging products for a wide array of applications.

Machinery and machine parts shipping crates

Wood crates for metal tubing, bars, and cylinders

Material handling machinery and parts

Open bin type shipping/storage crates for heavy bulk items.

Custom Fine Art Crates

Custom shipping crates for sensitive electronics items as well as machine controls, panels, server and communications equipment racks etc.

Wood skids and crates for conveyor systems or modules

Anything is possible.
Custom Specialty Crate built exactly per our customer's drawings.
Heavy Duty Custom Shipping Crate
Custom Wood Cradle Supports
Stacked crates with hinged doors and locks
Ph:    (708) 756-2100
Fax:   (708) 756-2300
Manufacturer of wooden shipping crates and custom skids
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